Understand why, where, when and how

One analytics platform that aggregates all the data from all of your sources, channels and processes in real-time.

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<small style="font-size: 1.125rem; opacity: 0.42;">Analytics</small><br/>Understand why, where,  when and how

Better insights = Better Outcomes

Whether it’s identifying new business opportunities, understanding breaks in their performance or improving their outreach capability EVA helps you drive organisational efficiency by establishing data-driven visibility in real-time.

<h2>Better insights = Better Outcomes</h2>

Data tells a story

Being able to create and customise interactive dashboards is at the core of any good analytics / business intelligence platform. EVA gives you access to query live data – meaning that you can drill down every metric to understand what’s happening now.

<h2>Data tells a story </h2>

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Analytics that matter to you

EVA makes data analytics intuitive for everyone. Use precise, real-time insights to identify your key drivers and ensure your team consistently takes strategic decisions that create value.

Analytics that matter to you


Digital Candidates
Imagine if you could run campaigns against your passive candidates and manage the re-engagement process by Bot Digital Candidate.


Digital Employees
Increase employee satisfaction, cut down a substantial amount of the labour intensive work, collect feedback and collaborate with employees on shaping their future at work.


Digital Leaders
Adopt a people-first mindset, deliver greater value to your organisation, and drive productivity.

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Flexibility and Integrations

EVA’s open-ended API’s can plug into or integrate with your existing tech stacks and BI tools. Allowing you to power your reporting via EVA. Our users can also download their data in xlsx, csv etc.

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<h2>Flexibility and Integrations</h2>

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Get more done in less time with EVA automating your manual tasks and processes.

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EVABot is our award-winning chatbot that is at the heart of our engagement-led ethos.

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Real-time analytics that ensures you and your team start making data-driven decisions.

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Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Use your historical HR data to future proof your strategy today.

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