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No matter the scale, EVA is built to ensure that your organisation is secure and your team has access to the best information to do their best work.

Your entire recruitment stack in one place

EVA helps you source and expand your talent pool, identify the right candidates for your vacancies, tied together with an always-on stakeholder engagement system, managed by a built-in chatbot.


Our team works with you to customise your candidate experience, ensuring that your brand communications remain consistent across every interaction touch-point.


EVA consistently keeps your talent pool up to date, allowing you to re-engage with multiple groups of passive candidates by automating bulk actions, initiating communication sequencing or with EVABot.


EVA ensures that every stakeholder within the recruiting process has the best tools to power productivity. Candidates, recruiters and hiring managers, collaborate and engage efficiently and in real-time.


Collaboration between recruiters and the hiring manager is made frictionless. The separate manager log-in screen ensures a smooth handover of candidates for a review.

Drive Productivity Across Your Entire Team

Aggregate, Sustain and leverage business knowledge with EVA

Make recruiting a breeze.

Scheduling interviews with hiring managers
Syncing hiring managers calendars against candidate availability, makes interview scheduling a hassle. This usually involves calling both parties back and forth to find a suitable time
EVA automates the process of scheduling interviews across multiple platforms. EVABot manages comunication between all parties, identifying and proposing the most suitable time for interviews
Poor candidate experience
Overloaded recruiters are slow to respond to candidates resulting in a decline of trust and confidence. Lazy shortcuts kill relationships and damage brand and reputation
EVABot engages with candidates from on-boarding to placement. Candidates get updates on their application in real-time by secure log-in to their messenger portal.
Broken feedback loop
After a candidate interview, recruiters often chase hiring managers for feedback they can forward. This can be another time consuming process, of back and forth emails or chasing up
EVA’s hiring manager portal allows hiring managers to leave interview feedback via their seperate UI. Allowing recruiters to immediately trigger a communication sequence based on the outcome
Sorting through candidate CVs
A lot of in-house teams struggle to deal with the sheer amount of CVs within their database. Each candidate has a different CV format, which increases the time spent reformatting candidate CVs
Eliminates the painful task by implementing internal process customisation. CVs are automatically added to your database and mapped based on your company specific guidelines
Time wasted reviewing CVs
In-house teams waste valuable time and effort, manually matching CV requirements to the different vacancies and hiring managers
Machine learning and A.I. algorithms learn from your placement history and previous pipelines to predict which candidates in your database are the most relevant to a vacancy